What They Don’t Teach You in School

Money is a Subject That is Sorely Lacking in our Education


What They Don’t Teach You in SchoolWere you a good student in school?  Did you get straight A’s or did you have to stay after school more times than you care to admit?  While it’s true that we learn a lot in school as we’re growing up, our school education was sadly lacking in financial life skills.


Once we get out of school, we go out there and try to make some money and soon realize it’s the one subject we haven’t been taught anything about.  Many people are happy to just to find a job that keeps the lights on, and as a result most Americans fall far short of realizing their true earning potential. 





I did well in math in school and even took a few statistics and economics classes.  But nothing taught me about debt and financial freedom.  I remember being in college and having many different credit card companies offering me free gifts just for applying.  And since I was a poor, starving college student, a credit card gave me instant access to money.  I signed up and quickly started sliding down that debt spiral.


When I started my home business in 2001, I was about $35,000 in credit card debt.  I thought I was doing OK because I was able to handle the minimum payments every month.  And of course, that’s what the credit card companies want you to think.  That’s how they make their money.


It wasn’t until I started my home business and started making enough extra money on top of my job earnings and was able to start paying off that debt that I started to realize the value of financial freedom.  Paying off our credit cards, our cars and even our house gave us a freedom that we never understood or even imagined up till that point.


Now we need very little to actually live on.  Our earnings now go towards the things we want to do, be and give.  If we want to travel, no problem, we can pretty much go any time we want.  If we want to help someone out financially, no problem, the money is in our savings account to use for that.  If we want to learn something, no problem, we have the resources for that as well.


More money means having the support you want, doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want to do it, and all without having to ask permission from anyone. No bosses, no deadlines, no performance appraisals—being in charge of your own life.


Notice in the video above, this kid is 11 year old and realizes that having a job is not a good goal in today’s economy… Build passive income in the form of investing and building a business!


According to Robert Kiyosaki, “Do you really want your child to be an employee? Home is where the programming begins. You have the chance and duty to teach them about money.”


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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


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