Tips for Building Your Team

Stress Free Tips for Team Building


Tips for Building Your TeamTeam building can be the hardest part of your MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing business.


What happens is you get started; you bring a few people into your business and teach them to do the same.  You’re all excited, and looking to see who they are going to bring into your business, and nothing happens.


So you automatically think you need to do more coaching to get your team going, and then what happens?  Many of your team members give up and quit! 


Sound familiar?  Most all of us have had to learn this the hard way.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are ways to be successful building your team that are not so tough.


Here are Some Tips to Make You a Great Team Builder:


Stop trying to motivate –


You can’t motivate anyone to do anything.  Motivation comes from within and you don’t have control over others.  Instead, Inspire!  Rather than trying to tell others what to do, just work on taking the actions yourself.  They will see what you are doing, and some will be motivated to step up and follow you.


It is a Numbers Game –


You’re right.  People are not numbers.  But your success will depend on the numbers you create.  Such as:


How many blog posts did you write last week?  How much did you promote those blog posts?… which will lead to how many people opted into your email list?


How many blog broadcasts did you do last week?… which will lead to building relationships with those on your email list… which will lead to how many you sponsor into your business.


How many emails did you send to your team last week?... which will lead to how you are building relationships with those on your team… which will lead to how many of those will write blog posts and get started.


How many team members did you talk to about the next company event?… which will lead to how many of your team members attend the event with you… which will lead to how many leaders are born on your team.


See how that works?  The higher the numbers you start with with at the top, the higher the numbers will be at the bottom when it comes to your leaders.


Be there to support your team, but don’t do it for them –


The hardest thing for most new leaders to learn is not to want it for your people more than they want it for themselves.


I am there for every team member who needs me.  I help them get started, and answer all their questions.  But if someone does not do the homework or actions they promised to do, it is not my job to over support them by doing the tasks for them.  They have to decide if this is something they want bad enough to do what is required.


Let go of the outcome –


You want to see everyone on your team achieve success.  But know that is not possible.  Everyone has their own reasons, negative beliefs, etc. why they won’t be successful.  Suggest books, trainings, and events that will help them, but don’t beat yourself up if they choose not to do the things they need for success.  They are responsible for their own business.


Get started building your team right away –


The sooner you learn how to build your team, the better you will go out and build one.  Learn how to offer the opportunity to everyone without being hung-up on whether they join or not.


Invest in yourself –


You are the constant in your business.  No matter what happens in your company, your team will still have you.  If you want to attract quality people, become quality yourself.  Become the person you would like to attract.


Be realistic and upfront with prospects telling them exactly what it will take to achieve success in your business.  Don’t make any promises that will attract people with the lottery mentality.  Let them know that it does take work, but with consistency and effort, they can be successful in your business.


Success leaves clues! And, there is no mystery to achieving what you want. Once you’ve determined the direction, roll up your sleeves and get to work!


If you are still evaluating your options, check in on what I am up to and what has me sleepless at night!


I would love to be your coach and mentor on this journey!




…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me, and thousands of others out there online.


And, if you already have a business you’re happy with, I will still cheer you on!


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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s.   Help your team members by pointing them BACK to the appropriate explanatory page or video recording in your training with words of encouragement. They must learn and carry out the actions – NOT you.


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