Texting Etiquette for Business

8 Suggestions for Texting Anyone You Do Business With


Texting Etiquette for BusinessTexting is a great tool for both business and personal use for many reasons.  It is quick, easy, and less disruptive than a phone call.


But if you’re not careful, it can also be disrespectful and unprofessional in the business world.


What’s considered acceptable when texting friends is very different than what is acceptable when texting business contacts. 


Here are some tips that are especially important while texting for your business:


1.  Before texting a customer or business partner, ask permission.  Make sure they are OK with it.  Not everybody is texting yet, or comfortable with it.


2.  Be careful about being totally focused on your phone while walking down the hall.  People may be hesitant to approach you because they don’t want to interrupt.


3.  Use proper grammar and punctuation, especially for business messages.  It is still important to be professional.


4.  Identify yourself in your text, especially if you aren’t positive that the other person has your cellphone in their contact list.


5.  Turn off audible text alerts, especially if you’re in a meeting.  If you’re expecting something important, switch your phone to vibrate and put it in your pocket.


6.  While it’s OK to confirm a meeting by text, it’s not a good idea to change one this way.  Not everyone is glued to their phones all the time and may not receive your message in time.


7.  Be respectful of other’s schedules.  Just because you’re awake don’t send someone a text in the middle of the night.  They might have their phone near their bed and you could wake them.


8.  Be sure to end your conversations.  Don’t leave the other person hanging, wondering if you’re going to answer.


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By Lynn Huber

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p.s.  And this should go without saying… but NEVER text while driving!  Most things can wait.  Pull over if you really must check an incoming message.  It’s not worth your life and those of the others on the road.


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