How the Slight Edge Can Change Your Life

Small choices made over time add up to great things!


How the Slight Edge Can Change Your LifeHave you heard of the Slight Edge?  There is a book on Amazon that you should read called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.


This is a principle that I have used over and over in my home business.  It’s changed, and continues to change, both my business and my personal life.


The principle of the Slight Edge is that the little things that we do, the little choices we make in our lives can and will make a HUGE impact over time.  Continue reading

The Problem With Our Microwave Mentality

Is Our Instant Results Mentality Hurting our Business?


The Problem With Our Microwave MentalityToday we live in a microwave society. People have grown accustomed to instant results and instant rewards.


The days of patience seem to be behind us.  Nowadays everything has to be done instantly, but it sometimes can be at the expense of our success.


If you were thinking that this “I want it now” culture doesn’t apply to you, then think again.  Think back to the last time you walked into the grocery store.  Have you ever bought a TV dinner?  How about a pre-chopped, pre-washed bag of salad? Perhaps you were too tired from a day at a desk and just had to have your carrots cut up for you.  Continue reading