Learn to Be Successful

You can Learn to be That Attractive Character


Learn to Be SuccessfulDo you think success only happens to some people?


Yes, it does happen to certain people, but guess what… you can learn to be one of them!


Success happens to people who take the time to learn what they need to and who make it happen.  It doesn’t happen to people who sit around and wish to be successful.  Continue reading

Live the Dream and Do What You Love

Do you love what you do?


Live the Dream and Do What You LoveIf you want to make a difference in the world, the single most important thing you can do is consciously and deliberately choose to do work that you are passionate about.


Are you working at your job because you LOVE it or are you just there to make ends meet?


So now ask yourself this question…  Continue reading

Are You Ready to Snatch the Pebble?

It’s takes time, dedication and hard work to get to your goals.


Are You Ready to Snatch the Pebble?This was the challenge presented by Master Po to young Caine in the 70’s movie King Fu.


Did you ever watch the movie Kung Fu when you were a kid?  If you were a kid in the 1970s, there is a good chance you did.


At the beginning of the show it shows a young Shaolin Monk teaching a young boy Martial Arts.  As he goes through his training, every once in a while he holds out a pebble in his hand and tells the student…  Continue reading

How to be a Master Networker – Tip 4

Tip #4 – Be a Giver!


How to be a Master Networker – Tip 4Your primary objective in building a network is to help people.  You may or may not have the opportunity to make a sales pitch to the person you help, but giving will start you on the path of building a relationship with them which is much more important.


Ready for tip #4 in learning how to be a Master Networker?


Today’s tip is all about Be A Giver.  What do I mean…. watch the short video below and learn a very important step to being a Master Networker.  Continue reading