Your Email List – Your Most Important Asset

Every Business Needs an Email Subscriber List!


Your Email List – Your Most Important AssetYour list is your most important asset.  While it is possible to capture potential subscribers contact information manually, I would not suggest that.  Instead, it would be much more effective to automate it using a reliable program, called an auto responder.


There are many service providers for building your list, ranging in price from a few dollars per month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  Keep in mind when deciding who to go with, that it’s not so important how large your list is now, but how large you want it to grow over time.  Continue reading

Do You Have Time and Money?

Time + Money = Freedom!

Do You Have Time and Money?Back in 2001 I started a part time home business, and it turned out to be a business I did very well with.  Over the next four years, my husband, Richard, and I built our business to a very strong six-figure income and were both able to “retire” from our day jobs.


We had plenty of money.  In fact we were able to pay off all our bills and become debt-free – something we still enjoy to this day!  But the problem was we were always working.  Continue reading

The Power of a Worldwide Internet Business

Utilize the Internet to its Fullest Potential!


The Power of a Worldwide Internet BusinessIt’s amazing how many ways our lives have changed as a result of the Internet.  Who would have thought even just 15 years ago that we would be where we are today.


The ability to reach out, connect and communicate with others is just truly amazing.  It has changed so many areas of our daily lives including education, politics, family and business.  Continue reading

Time and Persistence – Keys to a Successful Home Business

With Time and Persistence, You Really Cannot Fail!


Time and Persistence – Keys to a Successful Home BusinessSo you’ve started your new home business.  You’re excited and ready to conquer the world!  And why not – a home business can generate a lot of wealth for you!  Not to mention the other benefits such as working from the comfort of your own home.


So you get started.  Maybe a few weeks go by and you haven’t made any income yet.  You wouldn’t get discouraged already and think about quitting would you?  Well, the fact is many do quit because they haven’t made it big yet.


Wait a Minute!  Continue reading

Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Want More Traffic to Your Blog?


Tips to Get More Traffic to Your BlogContrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to do something about boosting blog traffic.


In fact, many strategies can be implemented right now — today — to bring in new hits.


Here are a few tips to bring traffic to your blog right away:  Continue reading

Distractions to Avoid While Working Online

What is the #1 thing Online Marketers need?


distractions-to-avoid-while-working-onlineYep, Time!


When marketing online, most of us are trying to do 100 things at once, and when it comes to running your online business – writing blog posts, scheduling facebook posts, responding to comments & messages, running ads, etc. – proper time management is crucial!


Here are some ideas to help you better manage your time while working online:  Continue reading

You Never Know

Three Words that can Change Your Life… and Your Business!


You never know...If you are in Direct Sales, Affiliate or Network Marketing, or if you are working in any other type of business and are working with teams, there are three little words that are very important to understand.


You Never Know!


It’s important to know that there are so many things going on around us, so many people whose lives are being touched by you, so many people you are helping without even knowing it… You just don’t have a crystal ball.  Continue reading

What is Your Responsibility As a Sponsor in Your Home Business?

Sponsoring is What Will Make Your Business Grow


What is Your Responsibility As a Sponsor in Your Home Business?If you are in Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, or Affiliate Marketing, this blog post is for you.


Whatever type of home business you are in, chances are you will be a sponsor and will bringing others into your team.


So, what is expected of you as a sponsor?  What should you do to help your team be successful? Continue reading

The Magic of Working Your Online Business Part Time

Want to Go Full-Time?  Don’t Rush It!


The Magic of Working Your Online Business Part TimeMost of us who start a home business have full time jobs and work our business part time due to our time limitations.


Many people have created success for themselves working part time until they can build their business to the point that gives them the lifestyle that most people only dream of.


But when should you quit your job and start building your business full-time? Continue reading

Eliminate These Words For Business Success

Can the Words You Use Affect Your Success?


Eliminate These Words For Business SuccessWords are powerful because they shape our thoughts, determine our actions, and chart the course of our lives.


This is true whether the words are positive, giving hope and encouragement, or negative utterances that steal our joy and confidence.  The wrong language will set you up for failure and render you powerless.


So what would happen if we stopped using some words and totally removed them from your vocabulary?


Here are some words to eliminate from your vocabulary, with words to replace them with so you can be more powerful and create the success you desire in your life. Continue reading