One Good Step a Day

Take at Least One Step Forward Every Day!


One Good Step a DayYou don’t get a choice about whether you’re going to build a life or create a life. I don’t either. If I breathe another 365 days, I will have created another year of my life.


The only choice I get is whether it’s out of design – something I’d love to create – or if it’s out of default because I just keep running the same patterns and thinking the same thoughts – and my life will pretty much look the same way.  Continue reading

Master the Power of Conscious Decision

Why is a Conscious Decision So Powerful?


Master the Power of Conscious DecisionIn building a business you hear a lot about motivation and goal setting.  While those are very powerful and necessary for business success, another very important element to your success is your ability to make conscious decisions.


Everything about and around you is a result of your own decisions. Your whole life is a result of your own decisions.  “Decision” is the bridge between your thoughts and your actions.  If we don’t like where we are, we can look back at the decisions that put is here today.  Continue reading