Are You Personally Profitable?

Your entire financial future depends on you!


Are You Personally Profitable?Does your income cover all your costs?  Is there enough left over to fund your dreams?  Are you living the life you dreamed of?


Step back and take an inventory.  Are you where you expected to be at this point in your life?  What dreams did you have?  Was it a home and family?  Or maybe a boat or vacation cabin?  Or maybe it was traveling the world?  What are your dreams?  Continue reading

Are You Looking to Create Wealth?

Internet Marketing has Created Quite a Few Millionaires!


Are You Looking to Create Wealth?Creating wealth is not something that is typically taught in schools.


Although many people dream of becoming wealthy, very few actually take the time to learn the secrets to success or put strategies in place to set themselves up for future financial gain.


Most people just expect success to happen.  But what they fail to realize is that success comes to those who make it happenContinue reading

Too Broke to Get Started?

Maybe You Can’t Afford NOT to Get Started!


What If I Don’t Have the Money To Get Started?Have you decided it’s time to think about starting a home business, or finding a way to make money from home?


There could be many reasons why you’re looking.  Maybe you just got downsized from your job.  Or maybe your job just doesn’t pay enough money to get you through the month?  Or, maybe you even have some big dream which requires more than you’re making in your current job?


But now that you’ve looked around and the different options to get started in your home business, you see that most all of them have some sort of start-up cost.  And you’re just not sure you want to or can afford to spend the money now.  Continue reading

Discover the Secrets of Passive Income

Passive income is the path of the wealthy!


The Importance of Passive IncomeWhat qualifies as Financial Freedom?  Is it having enough to pay the bills each month?  Is it having a six-month buffer in your savings account like recommended by many financial consultants?  Maybe it’s not having to worry about where your next paycheck is going to come from?


To me, Financial Freedom means having the money I need to do what I want when I want.  That is going to be a different amount of money for each person.  Everyone has their own idea of how they want to live their life, so only you can answer that for yourself.  Continue reading

Would You Rather Haul Buckets or Build a Pipeline?

The More People Create Pipelines,

the More Wealth we will all Have.


Buckets or Pipelines – Which One For You?It used to be that many, many people immigrated to the U.S. – from England, Ireland, Germany, pretty much anywhere in the world.  Many of them came with just the clothes on their backs, but they came to the “land of opportunity” and created their own opportunity.  There were even people who swam out of Vietnam for that chance of a better life and opportunity offered by the U.S.


Then the Industrial age came to America, and everyone started working for big companies.  That was great while it lasted, but is no longer an effective way to build wealth.  It’s time to get back to finding our own opportunities.  Continue reading

The Internet Can Wipe Out Your Mortgage Payment

What if You Didn’t Have to Worry About

Your Mortgage Any Longer?


The Internet Can Cover Your Mortgage PaymentMost of us have a mortgage or rent payment.  In fact it’s one of the biggest expenses most people have.


Wouldn’t you like to get yours paid off sooner?


Just one extra principal payment each year can take years off your loan.  Imagine what two or three could do!  Imagine making an extra payment each month!


Sure, I know… that’s much easier said than done, right!  Continue reading

Are You in the 36 Percent?

If so, Let’s FIX the Problem!


Are You in the 36 Percent?Today I saw a news report that shocked me and it’s a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed.


Did you know that 36% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings!  (That doesn’t count the money you may have tied up in the home you may own.)


This is TOTAL savings.  Savings for retirement… savings for a rainy day!  Most of the news report was giving the reasons blaming higher taxes, higher cost of living, stagnant wages and a general declining economy.  Continue reading

The Problem With Our Microwave Mentality

Is Our Instant Results Mentality Hurting our Business?


The Problem With Our Microwave MentalityToday we live in a microwave society. People have grown accustomed to instant results and instant rewards.


The days of patience seem to be behind us.  Nowadays everything has to be done instantly, but it sometimes can be at the expense of our success.


If you were thinking that this “I want it now” culture doesn’t apply to you, then think again.  Think back to the last time you walked into the grocery store.  Have you ever bought a TV dinner?  How about a pre-chopped, pre-washed bag of salad? Perhaps you were too tired from a day at a desk and just had to have your carrots cut up for you.  Continue reading