Would You Rather Haul Buckets or Build a Pipeline?

The More People Create Pipelines,

the More Wealth we will all Have.


Buckets or Pipelines – Which One For You?It used to be that many, many people immigrated to the U.S. – from England, Ireland, Germany, pretty much anywhere in the world.  Many of them came with just the clothes on their backs, but they came to the “land of opportunity” and created their own opportunity.  There were even people who swam out of Vietnam for that chance of a better life and opportunity offered by the U.S.


Then the Industrial age came to America, and everyone started working for big companies.  That was great while it lasted, but is no longer an effective way to build wealth.  It’s time to get back to finding our own opportunities.  Continue reading

Just Go All In

It takes All In Effort for Business Success!


Just Go All InHave you ever wondered why some people are successful at a home business and others are not?


The truth is, the most successful business people are the ones who “go all in.”



Watch this video to see how the top moneymakers do it.  Continue reading

Distractions to Avoid While Working Online

What is the #1 thing Online Marketers need?


distractions-to-avoid-while-working-onlineYep, Time!


When marketing online, most of us are trying to do 100 things at once, and when it comes to running your online business – writing blog posts, scheduling facebook posts, responding to comments & messages, running ads, etc. – proper time management is crucial!


Here are some ideas to help you better manage your time while working online:  Continue reading

Set Daily Goals

Daily Goals Can Make All the Difference!


Set Daily GoalsSetting daily goals is probably the best strategy to make your business, and your life, move forward the way you want it. Why you may ask?


…Because every day is a new day.  If you don’t have clear goals set for that day, then you probably won’t accomplish as much as you want.


I have a goal to post to my blog every day.  I also have a goal to syndicate my blog posts every day.  My team has an amazing simple system where we teach you exactly how to be successful marketing on Facebook.  They give me specific steps to follow, so those steps are also on my daily goals.  Continue reading

Why Do Some People Struggle With Their Internet Business

What Causes Some People to Make It Online And Others Don’t?


Why Do Some People Struggle With Their Internet BusinessI LOVE the Internet!  I especially love how this amazing vehicle revolutionizes the way we think, live, learn, work, connect to each other and the world, and express ourselves on a daily basis.


But, why is it that some people are successful when it comes to making money online and others are not?


Actually this same thing can be applied to many areas in life…  Continue reading

Are You Ready to Snatch the Pebble?

It’s takes time, dedication and hard work to get to your goals.


Are You Ready to Snatch the Pebble?This was the challenge presented by Master Po to young Caine in the 70’s movie King Fu.


Did you ever watch the movie Kung Fu when you were a kid?  If you were a kid in the 1970s, there is a good chance you did.


At the beginning of the show it shows a young Shaolin Monk teaching a young boy Martial Arts.  As he goes through his training, every once in a while he holds out a pebble in his hand and tells the student…  Continue reading

How to be a Master Networker – Tip 7

Tip #7 – Do What You Say You Are Going to Do!


How to be a Master Networker – Tip 7When you make a promise to someone, or to yourself, fulfilling that promise is an honorable action and shows you can be trusted.


Most of us want to be known as a trustworthy person. If we give our word to do something, we will make it a priority.


If you had a choice, which kind of person would you want to be known as, and what kind of people would you want to hang around?  Continue reading

How to be a Master Networker – Tip 6

Tip #6 – Consistency & Time!


How to be a Master Networker – Tip 6Relationship building requires intentional, consistent effort.  We need to consistently add value to someone else over time.


The time and consistency aspect is where most people falter.  Most everyone sends the follow up email, but very few stay in touch month after month after month. By being consistent over time, you WILL stand out.  Continue reading

How to be a Master Networker – Tip 5

Tip #5 – Be a Connector!


How to be a Master Networker – Tip 5We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone. They’re always ready and able to help — or if they can’t, they know someone who can. Fifteen minutes after you meet them, you’re already talking like you are childhood friends.


They’re successful, smart and funny… and they’re interested in everything.  Who are they?  They’re the connectors.  Continue reading