Get Committed to Your Success

You Want a Thriving Lifestyle, Right?


Get Committed to Your SuccessYour goal is to build a business that allows you to build a lifestyle of fun, freedom and adventure…..


It is crucial to aim for success when we start something, otherwise why bother to start at all. Yet, we know that 90% of those who get involved in any kind of businesses will fail. What then differentiates the remaining successful 10% from the rest of the ninety? 


Laying the proper groundwork is vital in one’s success in his home business or any business for that matter. And that involves making a conscious decision to become the successful business person that you want to be, by committing to your own personal growth and development.


So here are a few tips that will help you create goals that you can COMMIT to, and move yourself forward…


Decide what you want –


Sounds simple enough, right?  So, why don’t more people do it?  Why haven’t YOU done it?


It’s surprising how few people actually take the time to get clear on what it is they really want out of life. Instead, most people focus on what they DON’T want…and so guess what they get more of?


If you have things you are sick and tired of, now is the time to write each of those things down, and shift them around to what the opposite of that would be.  Concentrate on what you DO want rather than what you DON’T want.


Start with small, more easily attainable goals –


Most all of us have BIG goals, and sometimes those can blow us out of the water when they are too big to achieve in a relatively short amount of time.  Start small, break your goal into small pieces, achieve success and grow!


Be accountable –


Two ideas here…  First, be accountable to yourself.  Use a calendar or notebook to track your actions and check in each week to see how you are doing.


Second, get an accountability partner. Choose wisely and honor the time and commitment of this other person. Make sure you are in alignment with your basic goals and weekly time/action commitments.


So, what are you committed to?  What action steps will you take on a daily basis to get you where you want to go?


Remember that business and lifestyle that you want to create? It’s more than just wishing and dreaming.  Those are important in creating your vision and feeding your dreams. But, inspired action is what makes it happen.


You are made to shine. You know in your heart that a much bigger person lives inside of you. Be committed to bringing your best self forward. This may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on tasks you may not naturally be inclined to do. Decide that you will push yourself to be a better marketer, communicator and entrepreneur, and that your days of playing small are over.


The very best in life awaits you when you know where you are going, what it’s going to take to get there, and you pursue it relentlessly!


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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s.  So many times, we get committed to something then we let ourselves get stuck and give up. Don’t let temporary setbacks hinder your progress. Unexpected challenges may knock you-off track. But remember your greatest life doesn’t just happen, it is created. So dust yourself off and bounce right back. Go out there and shine and become a remarkable success in this world!


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