Just Go All In

It takes All In Effort for Business Success!


Just Go All InHave you ever wondered why some people are successful at a home business and others are not?


The truth is, the most successful business people are the ones who “go all in.”



Watch this video to see how the top moneymakers do it.  Continue reading

Let Your Online Business Help You Reach Your Dreams

Do you dream of making tons of money online?


Let Your Online Business Help You Reach Your DreamsI know I do!  After all, there are lots of successful people out there doing just that!  I am already successful online, but I plan to become one of the greats!  Do you?


Let me ask you something.  Do you think accomplishing this will be easy?


Actually, if it was, then everyone would be doing it.  Continue reading

Are You in the 36 Percent?

If so, Let’s FIX the Problem!


Are You in the 36 Percent?Today I saw a news report that shocked me and it’s a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed.


Did you know that 36% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings!  (That doesn’t count the money you may have tied up in the home you may own.)


This is TOTAL savings.  Savings for retirement… savings for a rainy day!  Most of the news report was giving the reasons blaming higher taxes, higher cost of living, stagnant wages and a general declining economy.  Continue reading

Do You Have Time and Money?

Time + Money = Freedom!

Do You Have Time and Money?Back in 2001 I started a part time home business, and it turned out to be a business I did very well with.  Over the next four years, my husband, Richard, and I built our business to a very strong six-figure income and were both able to “retire” from our day jobs.


We had plenty of money.  In fact we were able to pay off all our bills and become debt-free – something we still enjoy to this day!  But the problem was we were always working.  Continue reading

The Problem With Our Microwave Mentality

Is Our Instant Results Mentality Hurting our Business?


The Problem With Our Microwave MentalityToday we live in a microwave society. People have grown accustomed to instant results and instant rewards.


The days of patience seem to be behind us.  Nowadays everything has to be done instantly, but it sometimes can be at the expense of our success.


If you were thinking that this “I want it now” culture doesn’t apply to you, then think again.  Think back to the last time you walked into the grocery store.  Have you ever bought a TV dinner?  How about a pre-chopped, pre-washed bag of salad? Perhaps you were too tired from a day at a desk and just had to have your carrots cut up for you.  Continue reading