Is This Sales?

Is Sales a scary word for you?


Is This Sales?Anytime you exchange a product or service or money it involves sales, persuading, communicating, and sharing.


Sales is the greatest industry on earth.  Every single product or service that you’ve ever used or purchased involved sales of some kind.


Many times people are afraid of being in “sales” because they don’t want to be that pushy used car salesman type of person.  They don’t want to try to convince their friends and family to use or purchase a product that they really don’t want.  Continue reading

Take Control of Your Life

You have everything to gain!


Take Control of Your LifeHome based businesses are booming.  If you look at the statistics, you find that 1 out of every 8 houses has a MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing home business inside of it.


Many people want off the freeways, out of the subways, away from the big cities, more time to do what they want to do.  Many want more time to be with their kids, or more time to go to the gym, or pursue their hobbies, or travel.  Continue reading

Why do I Want to Blog?

There’s Probably Millions of Reasons…


Why do I Want to Blog?I bet if you sat down 100 people and talked about they were interested in, you’d probably find almost 100 different topics that you could blog about.


A mom would be able to blog about milestones in her babies’ lives, the products she loves, problems she’s encountered and the solutions she’s come up with.


Someone who likes to cook can share recipes.  Hobbyists can blog about their hobbies.  Gamers could blog about tips and tricks.  Continue reading

Saving Money or Making More Money?

In Today’s World, You Need to Make the Most of Your Money!


Saving Money or Making More Money?Which is better…


Saving money or making more money?


It’s a trick question really.


Both saving money and making more money are important.  And keep in mind, no matter how much money you make, if you don’t keep your spending under control and implement a savings plan, you are going to be in trouble no matter how wealthy you are.  Continue reading

Brand Yourself Online

Increase Your Results and Become Kind of a Big Deal


Brand Yourself OnlineYou’ve probably heard about how important having a personal brand is to your business.


But applying your brand doesn’t just apply to real estate, and media people.  In fact, your personal brand is probably more important when you have a MLM / Network Marketing / Home business.


The more you’re out there, interacting and building relationships, the more you are judged in human terms, and that’s where trust and loyalty is built.  Continue reading

8 Tips for Success

Tips to Help You Stay On Track


8 Tips for SuccessSo you’ve started your business and maybe you’re struggling to get it off the ground.


First off, it’s important to remember that your Network Marketing / MLM / Home Business is neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme, but it’s an opportunity for you to earn money running your own part- or full-time business.  Continue reading

Think Your Opportunity is Saturated?

Is Saturation Even Possible in the Home-Business Market?


Is Your Opportunity Saturated?In my years in MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing, I have heard this over and over again.  People think they can’t sponsor others because their area is saturated.


That is something that makes me laugh.  This is virtually impossible. It is physically impossible to saturate an area.  It will never happen. There will always be people to market to.


I used to have a very large team in the town of Fillmore, CA., Population 15,000.  When I sponsored new Representatives in that town many were worried because so many people were already Representatives there.  Yet, the top 10 Representatives in my entire team were in that little town, and they never seemed to step on each other.  Continue reading

6 Home Business Myths

6 Home Business Myths – What Is True and What is Not?


Debunking the Myths Of a Home BusinessStarting your own business comes with plenty of risks, and many successful people believe the only way to succeed is to take the plunge.


There are many perks to starting your own business.  In fact, what’s better than utilizing your passions to help other people transform their lives, all while getting paid?


But sometimes it’s a little challenging to sort through the truths and the myths.  Continue reading

Unleashing The Value of Your Email List

Tips to Help You Make The Most Of Your Email List


unleashing-the-value-of-your-email-listHaving a great subscriber email list is your ticket to impacting a great many people on a regular basis and earning the kind of long-term income you dream of.


Having your own list of customers and prospective customers means that you have the ability to get them to visit your website, or sales page practically on demand.  If you’re providing quality information in your email list, and providing awesome service on the backend, your readers will be back again and again.  Continue reading

Your Email List – Your Most Important Asset

Every Business Needs an Email Subscriber List!


Your Email List – Your Most Important AssetYour list is your most important asset.  While it is possible to capture potential subscribers contact information manually, I would not suggest that.  Instead, it would be much more effective to automate it using a reliable program, called an auto responder.


There are many service providers for building your list, ranging in price from a few dollars per month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  Keep in mind when deciding who to go with, that it’s not so important how large your list is now, but how large you want it to grow over time.  Continue reading