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Brand Yourself OnlineYou’ve probably heard about how important having a personal brand is to your business.


But applying your brand doesn’t just apply to real estate, and media people.  In fact, your personal brand is probably more important when you have a MLM / Network Marketing / Home business.


The more you’re out there, interacting and building relationships, the more you are judged in human terms, and that’s where trust and loyalty is built. 


Here are some tips to help bolster your brand:


Your Image – You should have a headshot image on your website, blog, and all social media sites, and for best results, it should be the same one for all.  A headshot immediately warms up any situation and helps build the roots of a trusting relationship.


Your Blog – While you may pay someone to do your website design, your blog captures your personality.  When you write it yourself, you’re more likely to connect with your readers, get shared and be remembered.


Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all great avenues to reach potential clients and partners, and let your personality shine.  When you share articles that you feel are important, or recommendations for products you truly believe in, you curate the world through your lens and built authority in your community and industry.


Videos and Podcasts – It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to create short video blog posts and podcasts.  Video is where people see your mannerisms and it is where your personality really shines through.  Video helps people feel like they know you.  In the past few years, video has proven to be the fastest growing segment of Internet media.


Spend some time on social media every day working to build relationships.  This will be a tremendous help to you as you are growing your business.  While you’re doing that, keep this advice in mind:


Be Real – The most effective marketing is not polished, but is authentic and friendly.  People want to see the real you.  They want to get to know you… who you are and what you stand for.


Be Vulnerable – Find ways to tell stories of your successes and your failures, both in business and in your personal life.  Admitting that you are sometimes overwhelmed by family life or stumped with a business challenge creates a bond between you and your reader.  When people are willing to share their quirks and failures, trust is formed.


Be Transparent – Sharing stories is more powerful than impressive credentials.  Learn to tell stories… about yourself and those you’ve helped.  A first-person story is way more compelling than announcing what degrees and awards you’ve accumulated.


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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s.  These days, branding your company isn’t enough. The world wants to hear what you have to say.  If you aren’t building your own brand, your business will suffer. Work to grow your brand and build relationships with your audience.


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