Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?

Emotions are Habits Too!


Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?Our habits control us.  They are usually nothing more than a thoughtless response to some sort of trigger.


We react without even thinking about it.


It’s easy to pinpoint habits such as biting your nails, or saying, “you know” after every sentence.  Even smoking is a habit. 


But have you ever thought about the habits you have around your emotions?


• Distrust is a habit.


• Skepticism is a habit.


• Generous is a habit.


When a stranger doesn’t do what you expect, do you automatically assume that they’re out to get you, or trying to make an extra buck?  Or do you default to the habit of giving that person a chance to explain?


When you’re out talking to people about your business, do you automatically assume they’re not going to be interested?  Or do you default to the habit of knowing that some will be interested and some won’t, and you won’t know until you ask them?


Habits are great when they help us get what we want.  But unhealthy habits can get in the way of achieving our goals.


Start noticing your thoughts and feelings.  Determine which ones are habits.  Start seeing them for what they are, you’ll have a greater chance of eliminating them.


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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s.  Break those habits that can break you.  Adopt those practices that will become the new habits that will help you achieve the success you desire.


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