About Me

LynnRichardHi, I’m Lynn Huber.  Thanks for stopping by.


There are many reasons why you may be here.  But I’m guessing you’re looking for a way to make money from home.  Maybe you’re looking to grow your business online.  I hope you’ll find value in my posts and that you decide to stick around.   Please subscribe to my updates and benefit from my future posts and videos.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Today I am living the life of my dreams.  I have a beautiful house with a creek and small forest in my back yard.  I wake when I’m done sleeping and pretty much plan my day according to what I want to do.  In the morning I get up, get showered and cleaned up.  Then I go downstairs to get my breakfast and coffee and enjoy it on the back patio or looking out my kitchen window.  Every morning I say to myself, “I own this,” or “This is my house!”  I feel so incredibly blessed for all that I have in my life.  It feels so good to know that it’s mine and I have such an amazing back yard… and it’s paid for!


But this didn’t happen overnight.


When I first started a home business, I had a great job.  Richard and I thought we were living the American dream.  But the truth is we had lots of debt and couldn’t take time off work whenever we wanted.  I started a home business just so I could pay for a hobby website I was building at the time.  But within 16 months, I had earned enough to pay cash for a new car!  Richard and I had never paid cash for a car before, and we looked at each other and wondered what would happen if we really got serious.  Well we did, and within two years I was able to “retire” from my day job, and two years after that we “retired” Richard.  An extra $500 or $1,000/month doesn’t sound like much, but when you earn that on top of your regular job you’d be surprised at how quickly you can get out of debt.  Once you are out of debt, it really doesn’t take a lot of income to live the life you want.


We didn’t have a lot of hours to give our new business, but we gave it every minute we could find.  I had a 90-minute commute each way to work, so I used that time for phone calls and listening to audio training.  I turned my car into a very convenient way to listen to conference call replays and training on how to build my business.  I also made use of my lunch hours to meet people and/or make phone calls.  We both had weekends off so as much of our weekend as possible was devoted to building our business.  Little by little we built that business.  As we ran into road blocks or found we couldn’t go any further because we didn’t have the time, we found automated ways to take some of the pressure off (such as bulk mail and prerecorded phone messages, and internet marketing) which freed us up from some of the tasks we were doing and gave us more time to focus on building new business.


We built a solid six-figure income and were very successful with that company.  But then we started realizing that we were still trading time for money.  That particular company required a lot of work to make that income.  We had brochures that had to be prepared and distributed, product orders to take, pack and then deliver, and many other time consuming tasks.


Eventually we moved to another company which is primarily Internet based.  This was exactly what we needed.  Now my business can be done with a laptop and phone from anywhere in the world.  So I got to work and learned to market myself even more using online methods.  I still continue to work on and grow my business, but now I have the time and the money freedom we were looking for in the first place.