A Spoon Full of Sugar

Don’t worry about someone “pitching” you on their business


A Spoon Full of SugarAs Mary Poppins sang, “Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!”


As you’re going about and talking to people about your MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing home business, you’re going to get all types of responses.


Some people will be interested, some will not.  Some people will want more information, and some will try to break into their presentation for whatever business they are in. 


When they do, don’t panic.  Instead welcome the conversation.  This is a great time to build rapport with your prospect and a chance to strengthen your relationship.


Realize that when a prospect does this with you, it’s just their way of:


Showing off their knowledge.


Asking to be convinced that they are making the right decision.


Hoping you will join their business because obviously you’ve got it “going on!”  🙂


So go ahead and listen to their presentation.  Sprinkle your answers with a little sugar.  Help them feel comfortable and make them feel happy they’re talking with you.


Here are a couple of key phrases you can use:


That’s an excellent point, John!


Wow, a comment like that makes it obvious that I’m dealing with a pro!


They may or may not join your business, but that’s OK.  Remember, your job is not to get them to join you – only to offer them the opportunity and let them make their own decision.


If they’re happy in their own business, that’s great!  You’re in the same business and will have lots to talk about in the future!  If they’re not happy, maybe you’ll be able to help them with your business.  Either way, the relationship is what’s important, not the decision.


And then, keep talking to more people and build your pipeline.  The larger your pipeline, the more will join your business.


If you are looking for a way to build your pipeline and want an strong mentor and system to help you do this…I encourage you to check out the video below.




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And, if you already have a business you’re happy with, I will still cheer you on!


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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s.  The sooner you get busy contacting people, the faster your business will grow.


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