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Hello.  I am Lynn Huber, and I want to welcome you to my blog.

My goal is to help you achieve success in your Networking Marketing / MLM Business by leveraging the internet along with whatever else you are doing.  The internet has the power to explode your business faster than any other tool available.  There are millions of people online – no shortage of people to meet and communicate with.  The Internet is changing the way we work, communicate, play, shop and make money.

As a Professional Networker, I serve as a mentor; teaching people how to increase their net worth by growing, cultivating and nurturing their network; empowering them to fulfill their biggest and most incredible dreams… on whatever terms they choose!  Just imagine the possibilities…  I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  Let’s connect & explore them together.

Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?

Emotions are Habits Too!


Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?Our habits control us.  They are usually nothing more than a thoughtless response to some sort of trigger.


We react without even thinking about it.


It’s easy to pinpoint habits such as biting your nails, or saying, “you know” after every sentence.  Even smoking is a habit.  Continue reading

Negative Thinking – Don’t Go There

How to Overcome Those Negative Thoughts


Negative Thinking – Don’t Go ThereAll of us are human, and as such, fall prey to negative thinking from time to time.  Negative thoughts bring our energy down and keep us from being in the present moment.  They can bring pain to ourselves and those around us.


The more we allow ourselves to have negative thoughts, the stronger they become.  Trying to shift our thoughts to positive ones once they’ve started is easier said then done.  But it is important to do, especially if we want to minimize the effects of those negative thoughts.  Continue reading

Do You Have Time and Money?

Time + Money = Freedom!

Do You Have Time and Money?Back in 2001 I started a part time home business, and it turned out to be a business I did very well with.  Over the next four years, my husband, Richard, and I built our business to a very strong six-figure income and were both able to “retire” from our day jobs.


We had plenty of money.  In fact we were able to pay off all our bills and become debt-free – something we still enjoy to this day!  But the problem was we were always working.  Continue reading

Teach Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

The Power of Raising Future Entrepreneurs


Teach Your Kids to Be EntrepreneursWhen I was a kid, I did all kinds of entrepreneurial activities.  I set up lemonade stands at the end of our alley; I sold candy, cards, and seeds (each at different times) door to door.  Even my days of selling Girl Scout cookies helped me to learn about building a business.  Did you do these kinds of things as a child?  I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!


Unfortunately, children are consistently hearing messages at a young age that can have huge consequences on their entrepreneurial futures:  Color inside the lines, don’t talk to strangers, wait your turn, etc., etc., etc.  Continue reading

The Problem With Our Microwave Mentality

Is Our Instant Results Mentality Hurting our Business?


The Problem With Our Microwave MentalityToday we live in a microwave society. People have grown accustomed to instant results and instant rewards.


The days of patience seem to be behind us.  Nowadays everything has to be done instantly, but it sometimes can be at the expense of our success.


If you were thinking that this “I want it now” culture doesn’t apply to you, then think again.  Think back to the last time you walked into the grocery store.  Have you ever bought a TV dinner?  How about a pre-chopped, pre-washed bag of salad? Perhaps you were too tired from a day at a desk and just had to have your carrots cut up for you.  Continue reading

Choosing Your Success Team

Find an Upline Who Will be Your Coach!


Choosing Your Success TeamHave you been thinking about starting your own home business?  Congratulations!  You’re already off to a great start.


You get to decide how you want to promote your business and schedule it around your lifestyle.  And having your own business is a great start on your journey to achieve your dreams.


But before you join that exciting Network Marketing / MLM/ Affiliate Marketing program, think about the person who will be your mentor.  Choosing a good sponsor or upline can actually help speed up your success.  Continue reading

Success is More Than Not Quitting!

They Say Just Don’t Quit – But is That Really all it Takes?


Success is More Than Not Quitting!In our business you hear people talking about the importance of never, never, NEVER giving up!


Most of the time at our lowest, we are on the brink of success… IF we don’t give up.




Are you saying that all I have to do is hang in there… and I’ll be wildly successful?  Continue reading

The Power of a Worldwide Internet Business

Utilize the Internet to its Fullest Potential!


The Power of a Worldwide Internet BusinessIt’s amazing how many ways our lives have changed as a result of the Internet.  Who would have thought even just 15 years ago that we would be where we are today.


The ability to reach out, connect and communicate with others is just truly amazing.  It has changed so many areas of our daily lives including education, politics, family and business.  Continue reading

Shiny Objects

Shiny Objects can be good – the Syndrome, not so good!


Shiny ObjectsHave you ever heard of “Shiny Object Syndrome?”  That’s bad right?


Well actually the “Syndrome” is not good but Shiny Objects are just fine?


My friend, Joel did a video about why Shiny Objects are not bad.  Watch it here.  Continue reading

Learn to Be Successful

You can Learn to be That Attractive Character


Learn to Be SuccessfulDo you think success only happens to some people?


Yes, it does happen to certain people, but guess what… you can learn to be one of them!


Success happens to people who take the time to learn what they need to and who make it happen.  It doesn’t happen to people who sit around and wish to be successful.  Continue reading