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Hello.  I am Lynn Huber, and I want to welcome you to my blog.

My goal is to help you achieve success in your Networking Marketing / MLM Business by leveraging the internet along with whatever else you are doing.  The internet has the power to explode your business faster than any other tool available.  There are millions of people online – no shortage of people to meet and communicate with.  The Internet is changing the way we work, communicate, play, shop and make money.

As a Professional Networker, I serve as a mentor; teaching people how to increase their net worth by growing, cultivating and nurturing their network; empowering them to fulfill their biggest and most incredible dreams… on whatever terms they choose!  Just imagine the possibilities…  I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  Let’s connect & explore them together.

Are Fear and Doubt Holding You Back?

When doubt creeps in, it can change the

whole outcome of your entire life.


Are Fear and Doubt Holding You Back?Have you ever wondered why certain people just seem to attract success in their lives?  Not just financial but all so many other areas such emotional, spiritual and just genuine happiness?


If you’re like most people, you just want to feel happier with your life. So what’s holding you back? What is it that is getting in the way of you enjoying your life right now?


There are several things it could be, but one very important trait is usually found in most successful people…  Continue reading

Tips for Building Your Team

Stress Free Tips for Team Building


Tips for Building Your TeamTeam building can be the hardest part of your MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing business.


What happens is you get started; you bring a few people into your business and teach them to do the same.  You’re all excited, and looking to see who they are going to bring into your business, and nothing happens.


So you automatically think you need to do more coaching to get your team going, and then what happens?  Many of your team members give up and quit!  Continue reading

Why do People Quit Their Home Business?

Get started right!  Don’t be one of the casualties!


Why do People Quit Their Home Business?An MLM / Affiliate / Internet Marketing home business is one of the greatest opportunities for an average person without a lot of money to invest to become financially free.


By sharing the product and service to a group of people, you build a network.  Each representative is responsible to consume a small amount of the products or service and recruit others to do the same.  As you build your business, you’re building a residual income where you get paid month after month, year after year.  Continue reading

Helping People Take Vacations

What a Great Benefit You Have to Offer!


Helping People Take VacationsPeople love to go on vacation!  The thing is most people can’t afford the type of vacation they want, so rather than take two weeks at a luxurious resort in Hawaii, they settle for a road trip with the family to their cousin’s house in Idaho.


It’s always a good time to ask people about their upcoming vacations.  This is an easy subject to talk about and you’ll learn a lot about them and build rapport in the process.  Continue reading

Master the Power of Conscious Decision

Why is a Conscious Decision So Powerful?


Master the Power of Conscious DecisionIn building a business you hear a lot about motivation and goal setting.  While those are very powerful and necessary for business success, another very important element to your success is your ability to make conscious decisions.


Everything about and around you is a result of your own decisions. Your whole life is a result of your own decisions.  “Decision” is the bridge between your thoughts and your actions.  If we don’t like where we are, we can look back at the decisions that put is here today.  Continue reading

Are You in the 36 Percent?

If so, Let’s FIX the Problem!


Are You in the 36 Percent?Today I saw a news report that shocked me and it’s a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed.


Did you know that 36% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings!  (That doesn’t count the money you may have tied up in the home you may own.)


This is TOTAL savings.  Savings for retirement… savings for a rainy day!  Most of the news report was giving the reasons blaming higher taxes, higher cost of living, stagnant wages and a general declining economy.  Continue reading

Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?

Emotions are Habits Too!


Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping You?Our habits control us.  They are usually nothing more than a thoughtless response to some sort of trigger.


We react without even thinking about it.


It’s easy to pinpoint habits such as biting your nails, or saying, “you know” after every sentence.  Even smoking is a habit.  Continue reading

Negative Thinking – Don’t Go There

How to Overcome Those Negative Thoughts


Negative Thinking – Don’t Go ThereAll of us are human, and as such, fall prey to negative thinking from time to time.  Negative thoughts bring our energy down and keep us from being in the present moment.  They can bring pain to ourselves and those around us.


The more we allow ourselves to have negative thoughts, the stronger they become.  Trying to shift our thoughts to positive ones once they’ve started is easier said then done.  But it is important to do, especially if we want to minimize the effects of those negative thoughts.  Continue reading

Do You Have Time and Money?

Time + Money = Freedom!

Do You Have Time and Money?Back in 2001 I started a part time home business, and it turned out to be a business I did very well with.  Over the next four years, my husband, Richard, and I built our business to a very strong six-figure income and were both able to “retire” from our day jobs.


We had plenty of money.  In fact we were able to pay off all our bills and become debt-free – something we still enjoy to this day!  But the problem was we were always working.  Continue reading

Teach Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

The Power of Raising Future Entrepreneurs


Teach Your Kids to Be EntrepreneursWhen I was a kid, I did all kinds of entrepreneurial activities.  I set up lemonade stands at the end of our alley; I sold candy, cards, and seeds (each at different times) door to door.  Even my days of selling Girl Scout cookies helped me to learn about building a business.  Did you do these kinds of things as a child?  I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!


Unfortunately, children are consistently hearing messages at a young age that can have huge consequences on their entrepreneurial futures:  Color inside the lines, don’t talk to strangers, wait your turn, etc., etc., etc.  Continue reading