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Hello.  I am Lynn Huber, and I want to welcome you to my blog.

My goal is to help you achieve success in your Networking Marketing / MLM Business by leveraging the internet along with whatever else you are doing.  The internet has the power to explode your business faster than any other tool available.  There are millions of people online – no shortage of people to meet and communicate with.  The Internet is changing the way we work, communicate, play, shop and make money.

As a Professional Networker, I serve as a mentor; teaching people how to increase their net worth by growing, cultivating and nurturing their network; empowering them to fulfill their biggest and most incredible dreams… on whatever terms they choose!  Just imagine the possibilities…  I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  Let’s connect & explore them together.

Think Your Opportunity is Saturated?

Is Saturation Even Possible in the Home-Business Market?


Is Your Opportunity Saturated?In my years in MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing, I have heard this over and over again.  People think they can’t sponsor others because their area is saturated.


That is something that makes me laugh.  This is virtually impossible. It is physically impossible to saturate an area.  It will never happen. There will always be people to market to.


I used to have a very large team in the town of Fillmore, CA., Population 15,000.  When I sponsored new Representatives in that town many were worried because so many people were already Representatives there.  Yet, the top 10 Representatives in my entire team were in that little town, and they never seemed to step on each other.  Continue reading

Looking for Guaranteed Income?

Guaranteed Income for Life?  Be Prepared to Struggle!


Looking for Guaranteed Income?Think you can find guaranteed income?  We’ve all heard the only thing that is guaranteed is death and taxes, right?


But I think there is one more thing that is guaranteed in life, no matter who you are…


STRUGGLE!   Continue reading

Discover the Secrets of Passive Income

Passive income is the path of the wealthy!


The Importance of Passive IncomeWhat qualifies as Financial Freedom?  Is it having enough to pay the bills each month?  Is it having a six-month buffer in your savings account like recommended by many financial consultants?  Maybe it’s not having to worry about where your next paycheck is going to come from?


To me, Financial Freedom means having the money I need to do what I want when I want.  That is going to be a different amount of money for each person.  Everyone has their own idea of how they want to live their life, so only you can answer that for yourself.  Continue reading

Thank God it’s Monday!

Monday is one of my favorite days of the week!


Thank God it’s Monday!It used to be that I lived for Fridays!  I went through my whole week waiting for Friday night so that it would be the weekend and I could do whatever I wanted for the next two days!


Then on Sunday night I would start getting depressed, knowing that tomorrow was back to the grind for me.  It would be years before I realized that this was a crazy way to live!  Continue reading

6 Home Business Myths

6 Home Business Myths – What Is True and What is Not?


Debunking the Myths Of a Home BusinessStarting your own business comes with plenty of risks, and many successful people believe the only way to succeed is to take the plunge.


There are many perks to starting your own business.  In fact, what’s better than utilizing your passions to help other people transform their lives, all while getting paid?


But sometimes it’s a little challenging to sort through the truths and the myths.  Continue reading

What They Don’t Teach You in School

Money is a Subject That is Sorely Lacking in our Education


What They Don’t Teach You in SchoolWere you a good student in school?  Did you get straight A’s or did you have to stay after school more times than you care to admit?  While it’s true that we learn a lot in school as we’re growing up, our school education was sadly lacking in financial life skills.


Once we get out of school, we go out there and try to make some money and soon realize it’s the one subject we haven’t been taught anything about.  Many people are happy to just to find a job that keeps the lights on, and as a result most Americans fall far short of realizing their true earning potential.  Continue reading

Would You Rather Haul Buckets or Build a Pipeline?

The More People Create Pipelines,

the More Wealth we will all Have.


Buckets or Pipelines – Which One For You?It used to be that many, many people immigrated to the U.S. – from England, Ireland, Germany, pretty much anywhere in the world.  Many of them came with just the clothes on their backs, but they came to the “land of opportunity” and created their own opportunity.  There were even people who swam out of Vietnam for that chance of a better life and opportunity offered by the U.S.


Then the Industrial age came to America, and everyone started working for big companies.  That was great while it lasted, but is no longer an effective way to build wealth.  It’s time to get back to finding our own opportunities.  Continue reading

The Internet Can Wipe Out Your Mortgage Payment

What if You Didn’t Have to Worry About

Your Mortgage Any Longer?


The Internet Can Cover Your Mortgage PaymentMost of us have a mortgage or rent payment.  In fact it’s one of the biggest expenses most people have.


Wouldn’t you like to get yours paid off sooner?


Just one extra principal payment each year can take years off your loan.  Imagine what two or three could do!  Imagine making an extra payment each month!


Sure, I know… that’s much easier said than done, right!  Continue reading

Unleashing The Value of Your Email List

Tips to Help You Make The Most Of Your Email List


unleashing-the-value-of-your-email-listHaving a great subscriber email list is your ticket to impacting a great many people on a regular basis and earning the kind of long-term income you dream of.


Having your own list of customers and prospective customers means that you have the ability to get them to visit your website, or sales page practically on demand.  If you’re providing quality information in your email list, and providing awesome service on the backend, your readers will be back again and again.  Continue reading

Your Email List – Your Most Important Asset

Every Business Needs an Email Subscriber List!


Your Email List – Your Most Important AssetYour list is your most important asset.  While it is possible to capture potential subscribers contact information manually, I would not suggest that.  Instead, it would be much more effective to automate it using a reliable program, called an auto responder.


There are many service providers for building your list, ranging in price from a few dollars per month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  Keep in mind when deciding who to go with, that it’s not so important how large your list is now, but how large you want it to grow over time.  Continue reading